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We use visionary strategy and magical experience to grow the businesses of tomorrow

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How we deliver growth for our financial services clients

Strategy / Advisory

PENSO works with finance services businesses to gain more effective outcomes in the digital era. Our strategic approach seeks to identify the best ways to acquire, convert and service customers; enabled by technology and underpinned by marketing science.

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How can we grow awareness and revenue for a 110-year old integrated health, wealth and living company?

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How can we create, launch and validate four new insurance products for one of the world's largest insurers?

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Magical User Experiences

PENSO turns red tape businesses into red carpet businesses with magical digital moments of truth for your customers; from websites, apps, portals and platforms to product and service design.

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How can we give hundreds of thousands of small and medium sized businesses a better way to manage their affairs?

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How can we bring to life a start-up that seeks to lend to businesses on the basis of third party verifiable data?

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PENSO has global reach, ready to grow your business.

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The shopper bots are coming: are we ready for B2A?
26 Sep 2023
The shopper bots are coming: are we ready for B2A?

There’s a transformation taking place in how we browse, compare, and purchase products. The next innovation is the rise of autonomous shopping agents; AI-powered bots that act on behalf of human consumers, helping them shop across various retailers and providers.

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