How Formula 1 built a business strategy around digital that helps them in a time of crisis.

This edition of PENSO PERSPECTIVE aims to inspire your organisation to act using digital strategy and content to survive the COVID crisis. Following the $8 billion sale of Formula 1 to US-listed Liberty Media in 2017, Formula 1 embarked on a business strategy of digital transformation. This strategy has largely revolved around an advanced digital content and channel strategy, building reach. 

In the following video, PENSO dives into Formula 1’s business and digital strategy. The video identifies Formula 1’s business model, the change in philosophy from Liberty Media and the success of four digital pillars that were introduced to grow its global audience. Specifically, this video covers:

  • The Business Model of Formula 1
  • The History of Ownership (and the subsequent strategies from each period)
  • The Current Digital Strategy of F1
  • The Key Pillars of The Digital Strategy – Approach, Digital Content, Digital Channels.
  • The implications and success of implementing each of these pillars
  • Why F1 is set up to overcome COVID thanks to its digital infrastructure.
Total Video Length: 46 Minutes

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