Microsoft recently unveiled the HoloLens, an augmented reality headset which uses inbuilt scanning technology to map out your surroundings and project images onto bare space within your environment. 

Users can interact with their virtual surroundings through gestures, eye movements, and voice recognition. The HoloLens is different to a heads up display because its transparency means your vision is never obstructed.

Although the HoloLens is in early stages of development the possibilities for what can be done with it are endless. The HoloLens could be used to facilitate real-time tutorials with instructions projected directly onto your surroundings, allow people to produce 3D models to scale to preview before 3D printing, provide gamers with a real immersive gaming experience, and even let consumers look at products in their own surroundings.

For example you could view the interior of a hotel room before booking it, view the inside of that new car you have been thinking of purchasing, or see how big that couch really is, all in the comfort of your own living room.

Currently the device is being used by NASA to create a holographic replica of Mars for research purposes.

It’s worth keeping your eyes on the progression of Microsoft’s HoloLens as it has huge potential to change the way people do business.

Read more about the Microsoft HoloLens here.

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