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Magical User Experiences

PENSO turns red tape businesses into red carpet businesses with magical digital moments of truth for your customers; from websites, apps, portals and platforms to product and service design.

Business was once generally person-to-person. As businesses scaled, they lost the ability to deliver magical and personalised customer experience. With technology, data and user-centric design, we can bring this back. PENSO believe in “moments of truth”, where every single digital touchpoint can act to communicate, sell, gather data and be personalised in order to drive business outcomes. We have worked with large and small enterprises to conceptualise, design, develop and deploy digital channels and platforms–from simple websites and landing pages to apps, portals, intranets and eCommerce platforms.

We turn red tape businesses into red carpet businesses with magical digital moments of truth. But we’re not a commoditised development shop or a run-of-the-mill studio. We strive for gesamtkunstwerk – a total work of art that incorporates many forms and styles – where every touchpoint combines to drive the user experience down a personalised and contextualised path to purchase.

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Our Magical User Experiences capabilities

User Experience User Experience
PENSO creates magical digital touchpoints and moments of truth to inspire, inform and guide customers through the entire customer experience.
Service Design Service Design
Digital Design Digital Design
PENSO designs websites, apps, platforms and touchpoints that delight customers when they come into contact with them.
Content Strategy Content Strategy
PENSO builds editorial and digital content strategy for businesses and organisations. This allows business to build a pool of content that can that scale effectively, efficiently and with personalisation at scale.
Contact and Customer Journey Planning Contact and Customer Journey Planning
PENSO crafts seamless customer-centric journeys across the complete path-to-purchase. These factor in every imaginable circumstance so that your organisation can deliver a consistently high quality customer experience.
Marketing Automation Marketing Automation
Automate, scale and improve every marketing, sales, customer service and education interaction with customers using data and marketing automation platforms, combined with PENSO's custom "user recipes".
Customer Data Planning Customer Data Planning
PENSO works with organisations to build platforms and governance systems to responsibly gather data in order to understand more about your customers to improve their user experience.
eCommerce eCommerce
How might I maximise the way in which people transact with my business online?
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