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PENSO delivers elegant solutions to complex business problems by harnessing technology's innovative potential. We are on the side of creative destruction - using technology to take advantage of the rapid shifts in product, distribution and promotion of ideas, goods and services globally. A vital part of that is marketing technology (a range of marketing technology platforms linked with Data and Artificial Intelligence), allowing us to scale, personalise and improve business outcomes. PENSO provides marketing managed services and “recipes” to deliver a full-stack path-to-purchase.

PENSO partners with a range of marketing technology providers – building a scalable marketing service focussed on practical, profitable technology selection, processes, people and solutions.

Primarily, our partners are:

Implementation Services Organisations
We partner with them to deliver strategy, design, user experience, interface architecture and user “playbooks” or “recipes” (strategies to solve business opportunities such as: “How do we understand our customers better?”, “How do we increase leads?”, “How do we reduce our reliance on discounting?”, “How might we implement price discrimination?”, “How might we automate our sales process?”, “How do we gather better data?”)

Artificial Intelligence Platforms
Capturing, measuring, analysing, learning and making recommendations from vast amounts of data is impossible without the use of highly sophisticated machine learning systems. These systems allow us to provide scalable, intelligent business solutions.

Software Partners
We partner with a range of best practice software vendors such as: Segment, Optimizely and Contentful in order to build best practice stacks for our customers.

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Our Marketing Technology capabilities

PENSO Integrated Marketing Platform PENSO Integrated Marketing Platform
PENSO uses the P.I.M.P as an organising and planning tool for all clients. It is our "marketing operating system" that helps define the activities, resources (people, partners, platforms and processes), budgets and metrics-that-matter across the entire path-to-purchase.
Analytics and Optimisation Analytics and Optimisation
Using real-time data and insights, PENSO can help optimise your brands content and channels to deliver the best experience to your customers at the right time.
Lead Generation and Sales Automation Lead Generation and Sales Automation
PENSO drives effective and efficient lead generation and sales automation for high-value transactions with customer experience delivered by advanced marketing technology.
Data and AI-Drive Marketing Data and AI-Drive Marketing
PENSO combines large amounts of consumer data with scalable and intelligent solutions in order to get cost effective and efficient marketing outcomes.
Marketing Automation Marketing Automation
Using campaigns and customer journey strategies, mixed with our vast experience in automation platforms, PENSO delivers effective marketing communications to nurture, qualify and convert your customers while ensuring a great ROI.
Marketing Technology Managed Services Marketing Technology Managed Services
PENSO can work with your organisation to recommend and implement a Managed MarTech stack that works best for your organisation and customer needs. Whether it be best-in-class platforms or a one-stop solution, PENSO has the experience and knowledge to get you up and running and supported.

Our Marketing Technology work

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