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Personalised Advertising & Content

PENSO drives customer acquisition and conversion by creating a pool of content and advertisements for individuals across a wide range of category entry points. We like to call this “Content as a Service”.

PENSO creates effective and efficient advertising and content. We do this in two different ways:

  1. We increase effectiveness by taking the “big idea” and brand assets, and turning them into hundreds of advertisements, messages and content units.
  2. We produce content across: Text, Audio, Video, Images, Software and Hardware (TAVISH) that address a variety of category entry points and “reasons to buy”.

This creates a pool of content that we then deploy in a personalised way to reach the right person at the right time. This makes for highly effective, data-driven, personalised sales outcomes. We drive efficiency with a “Ready – Fire – Aim” testing approach to optimising and improving every single piece of content and advertising to improve the recall and response.

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Our Personalised Advertising & Content capabilities

Advertising Advertising
PENSO creates and develops creative campaigns for clients that are: distinctive, highly branded, memorable and drive awareness and sales.
Content Optimisation Content Optimisation
PENSO can turn any story, creative concept or category entry point to life across a wide range of content formats, using our T.A.V.I.S.H. approach.
Test-and-learn Creative Test-and-learn Creative
By creating a wide variety of category entry points (reasons to buy), PENSO can bring a creative idea to life across a wide range of moments, touchpoints and contexts.
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