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Visionary Digital Strategy

PENSO works with business leaders to gain more effective outcomes in the digital era. Our strategic approach identifies the best ways to acquire, convert and service customers; enabled by technology and underpinned by marketing science.

PENSO has established a global reputation as trusted digital strategy advisors to enterprises and governments. We consult to business leaders so that they may innovate and take advantage of changes in business, rather than being overwhelmed by digital disruption. Our view is that many of the basic principles of business growth haven’t changed; in order to grow, businesses need to be mentally available (remembered, recognised and recalled) and physically available (digital, retail, sales and distribution channels). These latter channels and consumers experiences are the main area of disruption and change in contemporary business, and our main area of strategic focus with our clients.

All of this is underpinned by our strong adherence to marketing science, as pioneered by Andrew Ehrenberg and popularised by Professor Byron Sharp, Dr Karen Nelson-Field and other academics & advocates of an evidence-based approach to marketing.

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Our Visionary Digital Strategy capabilities

Trends and Insights Trends and Insights
PENSO provides a wide range of trends, insights and research services from our experienced team of digital practitioners, and in partnership with The Future Laboratory, one of the world’s most renowned futures consultancies.
Marketing Strategy Marketing Strategy
PENSO works with enterprises to help define and develop marketing strategies, covering mental and physical availability and underpinned by marketing science.
Digital Strategy Digital Strategy
PENSO delivers digital strategy for organisations that is under-pinned by PENSO's full-stack path-to-purchase–looking at a brand's Content, Customers, Channels and Context while defining the organisations People, Partners, Process and Platforms.
Customer Data Strategy Customer Data Strategy
PENSO defines a customer data strategy that looks at all user and customer interactions with a brand. We don’t just focus on customers that we know, but look at the unknown users too. We help establish a process that works with legacy infrastructure but can also advise on cost efficient platforms to ensure governance, effectiveness and security.
Customer Experience Customer Experience
Customer experience starts at the first instance when someone first becomes aware of your brand or service. PENSO will craft a seamless, customer-centric journey across the complete path-to-purchase for your brand.
Media Planning Media Planning
PENSO works with media agencies and media technology partners to map out media outcomes across the entire path-to-purchase.
Digital Transformation Digital Transformation
PENSO helps organisations re-organise and take advantage of digital disruption, riding the wave of innovation rather than drowning.
Marketing / Technology Training Marketing / Technology Training
Marketing science and marketing technology has provided marketers the tools and approaches to develop and deploy extremely effective marketing activities. Given the uncertainty around true marketing effectiveness, and the wide range of marketing technology options and technology stack development, PENSO has a range of executive training modules and workshops available to train and upskill executives.

Our Visionary Digital Strategy work

Yas Mall Digital Strategy
Yas Mall Digital Strategy

Digital Capabilities Development, Digital Design and Deployment, Digital Effectiveness, Data and Analytics, Digital Strategy, Digital Transformation, User Experience (UX), Visionary Digital Strategy

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ANZ for Australian Business
ANZ for Australian Business

Content Strategy, Digital Design and Deployment

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BCA Content and Digital Advocacy Strategy
BCA Content and Digital Advocacy Strategy

Brand Growth

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