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Visionary Digital Strategy

PENSO works with business leaders to gain more effective outcomes in the digital era. PENSO designs visionary digital strategies to transform organisations, deliver innovation and improve margins.

PENSO has established a global reputation as trusted digital strategy advisors to enterprises and governments. We consult to business leaders so that they may innovate and take advantage of changes in business, rather than being overwhelmed by digital disruption. Our view is that many of the basic principles of business growth haven’t changed; in order to grow, businesses need to be mentally available (remembered, recognised and recalled) and physically available (digital, retail, sales and distribution channels). These latter channels and consumers experiences are the main area of disruption and change in contemporary business, and our main area of strategic focus with our clients.

All of this is underpinned by our strong adherence to marketing science, as pioneered by Andrew Ehrenberg and popularised by Professor Byron Sharp, Dr Karen Nelson-Field and other academics & advocates of an evidence-based approach to marketing.

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Our Visionary Digital Strategy capabilities

Digital Strategy Digital Strategy
PENSO delivers visionary digital strategy to make sales today, and future-proof your business margins
Business Model Innovation Business Model Innovation
Digitise your business and build digital-first services to find new markets and improve penetration in existing markets
Digital Marketing Strategy Digital Marketing Strategy
Understand where to be present online in order to promote / sell more today - using mental and physical availability, and underpinned by Ehrenberg marketing science principles.
User-Centred Digital Transformation User-Centred Digital Transformation
Digitise product, people, partners, platforms and processes in order to capitalise on market opportunities
Digital Effectiveness and Analytics Digital Effectiveness and Analytics
Use digital tools, data and analysis to measure your go-to-market effectiveness and efficiency
Digital Capabilities Development Digital Capabilities Development
Upskill your team to understand more about digital so that your people are proactively improving the business
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