PENSO is a visionary digital consultancy.
We create digital strategies and magical user experiences to build the travel and tourism businesses of tomorrow.

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Some of the visionary thinking we've delivered for our travel, tourism and leisure clients

Strategy / Advisory

PENSO works with business leaders to gain more effective outcomes in the digital era. PENSO designs visionary digital strategies to transform organisations, deliver innovation and improve margins.

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How can we transform the world's 12th largest economy from oil-based to service and tourism-based?

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How can we improve the digital capabilities of one of the most iconic breweries in the world?

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Magical User Experiences

PENSO turns red tape businesses into red carpet businesses with magical digital moments of truth for travellers.

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How can we create ever better, more innovative and delightful "moments of truth" for the world's best airline?

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How can we transform Greece from three locations visited during three months to an all year, multi-destination tourist destination?

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PENSO has global reach, ready to grow your business.

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News & Insights

Designing Persuasive Customer Experience: From Aristotle to AI
17 Aug 2022
Designing Persuasive Customer Experience: From Aristotle to AI

Aristotle gave us a blueprint for persuasion: Pathos, Ethos, Logos and Kairos. Use these to create effective digital customer experiences.

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