AWB Harvest Pool Campaign

Launching an entire campaign in 3 weeks

The Australian Wheat Board is Cargill Australia’s grain origination business. They market and sell wheat on behalf of growers in Australia.

The Business Problem
AWB urgently needed to get a campaign in market to raise awareness of the AWB Harvest Pool and get farmers to contribute their wheat to the pool. Reaching today's farmers was a challenge in itself given the niche and remote audience. For many farmers the pool is often considered a lazy option when selling or storing grain. There was a need to shift farmers perceptions of the Harvest Pool to view the pool as a sophisticated financial instrument.

PENSO's Solution

In just three weeks, PENSO developed an entire go-to-market campaign plan and campaign platform – “We see the future of wheat today”, with creative appearing in market almost immediately. The campaign ran for four months and was rolled out across press, display, social media, PR, website, eDMs, direct mail and sales tools.


  • Campaign Production
  • Channel Planning
  • Creative Development
  • Digital Design
  • Print design
  • Strategy
  • Web Development

The Result

Deliveries to the 2016 pool increased 158% on the previous year.

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