Banjo Loans Startup Launch

Creating a thriving business from an idea

Banjo is an online lender providing secured and unsecured loans to small and medium sized businesses in Australia. They leverage the power of data to obtain a more holistic view of a company’s position.

The Business Problem
Banjo needed to be built from scratch - a start-up idea in the highly competitive business lending / fintech space.

PENSO's Solution

PENSO worked with Banjo from their start-up phase to build a brand strategy, brand identity, brand narrative, raise money from investors, develop a go-to-market strategy and launch the business with distinctive and effective advertising.

PENSO grew the brand with highly distinctive brand assets in the form of a Banjo identity, jingle, and tagline: “Just Brilliant Business Loans”. PENSO executed these through various advertising formats: TV, radio, print, outdoor, activations, digital marketing collateral, and merchandise. PENSO also created a content strategy and thought leadership program, giving Banjo the influence to advise small businesses on all matters of cashflow and small business management. PR, events and other marketing partners were brought on and coordinated by PENSO to help grow customers for Banjo.

PENSO used a “test and learn” methodology for EVERY decision in the business – from appropriate sales channels, to creative, to content. Using this Minimum Viable Product (MVP) approach, Banjo saved hundreds of thousands of dollars, gathered data, understood customers and most importantly, had incredible, measurable business success.

PENSO drove channel growth for Banjo with website MVPs, User Experience, design, technology deployment and analytics for


  • Brand Development
  • Creative Development
  • Strategy
Banjo Loans Startup Launch

The Result

Banjo launched successfully and now have a significant loan book of small to medium businesses all over Australia.

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