dnata Wearable Tech

Wearable technology to make dnata employees safer

dnata is one of the largest air services providers in the world and the largest travel management services company in the Middle East. Their main activities include cargo, ground handling, catering, information technology and travel services. dnata have over 27,000 staff operating in 55 countries and revenue of AED 10.3 billion.

The Business Problem
dnata briefed PENSO to help drive safety across the business.

PENSO's Solution

PENSO looked at how dnata might drive behaviour change across channels, looking at creative, channel, product and connections as a means to drive an outcome. One of the insights was the “Bystander Effect”, whereby people observe unsafe activities but don’t take control, thinking someone else will make it happen. PENSO proposed a Bluetooth wristband to be worn by every member of staff. If staff saw something unsafe, they would press the dnata blue button and it would stop others from working within 30-50 metres of the incident until the unsafe activity was halted.


  • Research & Insights
  • Strategy

The Result

This dnata blue button is an example of PENSO responding to a brief with a variety of innovative answers, not just communication solutions. The project is being considered by dnata management.

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