IAG Insurelite Proposition Test

Driving product innovation for a disruptive incumbent

Insurance Australia Group Limited (IAG) is a general insurance group employing more than 15,000 people with operations in Australia, New Zealand, Thailand and Vietnam. Its businesses underwrite over $11 billion of premium per annum, selling insurance under many leading brands, including: NRMA Insurance, CGU, SGIO, Swann, NZI, and AAA Assurance.

The Business Problem
IAG Insurance Group believes that, with the evolution to driverless cars, there will be almost no accidents and therefore very little need for car insurance at some point in the future. Considering that car insurance makes up over 70% of IAG's revenues, IAG needed a way to innovate, so they created IAG Labs, an internal "product disruption" lab.

PENSO's Solution

PENSO has partnered with IAG Labs to launch new business propositions to market over the next few years to identify product feasibility for the longer term. Each proposition will have its own identity, creative campaign, and e-commerce site produced to drive awareness, understanding and test its resonance with target audiences. We have devised a sophisticated direct response framework that will test product propositions, audience, channels and creative messaging within the larger marketing attribution program. The program uses data, results and insights to continuously optimise the campaign in market so that we know what works and what doesn’t and allows IAG to spend their marketing dollars wisely and within validation.


  • Brand Development
  • Channel Planning
  • Creative Development
  • Strategy

The Result

So far four test propositions have been taken to market. Two of which have performed so successfully in terms of resonance and marketing results that they are now being onboard by two of IAG’s largest consumer insurance brands - watch this space.

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