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Automated Digital Learning System for startups and small business

IP Australia is the Australian Government agency that administers intellectual property (IP) rights and legislation relating to patents, trade marks and more. Their vision is to deliver a world leading IP system that builds prosperity for Australia.

The Business Problem
IP Australia wants to increase the number of businesses in Australia, and increase the number of businesses protecting their intellectual property for local and global use. They see the training and enablement of entrepreneurs, startup founders and business owners as the key to stimulating business growth and protecting innovation for the fast-moving startup and SME economy. However, very few businesses were using IP Australia's learning platforms.

PENSO's Solution

IP Australia appointed PENSO to examine how IP Australia was enabling and educating business owners and leaders, and see how PENSO might improve outcomes. PENSO recognised that while there was much quality information, the platforms, methods, and ways in which the education programs were designed and delivered were sub-optimal.

PENSO delivered the strategy, design, development and implementation of a simple, effective and beautiful learning experience via an engaging multi-channel knowledge platform. This platform was based on a new Learning Management System (LMS) that integrated with the IP Australia master web portal. PENSO also harnessed existing marketing technology at IP Australia; augmented their existing marketing technology stack with an enhanced digital experience stack that looked to the end-user like a completely integrated learning experience. The new integrated platform, UpSkill, uses a mix of learning styles/methodologies, platforms, content and channels (web, SMS, email, notifications).

PENSO used a best-practice MVP approach for this work so we could test, learn and optimise the user uptake and experience.


  • Contact Strategy and User Journey Planning
  • Data and Analytics
  • Digital Design and Deployment
  • Digital Effectiveness
  • Marketing Automation
  • User Experience (UX)

The Result

UpSkill is the latest innovation from IP Australia. The Digital Training System is a free, easy to use five-step education program that teaches businesses all the basics you need to know before submitting an IP application.

Using digital-first media channels to promote UpSkill to a wide audience, the work contributes to Australia's innovation ecosystem and enables IP Australia to advise businesses on how to make the most of their IP.

In the initial 12 week period after launch, more than 20.3% of visitors to the page undertook a training module, and we exceeded the expected number of business by 509%.

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