Siemens Cadel Evans TVC

Putting Siemens on the road to success

Siemens is one of the most innovative engineering companies in the world, with over 340,000 employees working across the world to electrify, automate and digitise industries including: Health, Transport, Energy and Infrastructure. They are the largest engineering company in Europe.

The Business Problem
Siemens had two key issues:
a) People in Australia knew very little about what they did - therefore were reluctant to let them pitch for large scale projects across Cities, Infrastructure, Energy, Health and Propulsion.
b) Siemens had secured world famous cyclist and Tour De France winner, Cadel Evans, as their brand ambassador but had no idea what to do with him.

PENSO's Solution

PENSO scripted, filmed, edited and produced a powerful brand story and promotional TVC using Cadel Evans to drive awareness around the capabilities of Siemens. This was done using the proof point of Snowtown, the largest onshore Wind Energy power plants in South Australia. Cadel Evans was used in the video to help drive interest and awareness for the story. PENSO used drones to capture aerial footage to highlight the scale and grandeur of the wind turbines. PENSO supported all photography services at the Snowtown II event.


  • Content Creation
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