PENSO is a Full Service Growth Agency

We solve business problems, using creative communication and highly memorable, branded communications. We make the sale for today and build the brand for tomorrow.

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Founder and CEO Constantine Frantzeskos formed PENSO late in 2012. One of Australia and Asia’s leading Digital and Brand Strategists, Frantzeskos possesses more than 23 years of marketing experience, and has worked for Edelman Digital, Aegis Media (Mitchells), DDB and Ogilvy in Australia and Asia.

His partners in PENSO are head of product and design Grant Farrelly and head of client services and production David Rigbye.

Over the years as they climbed the agency rungs together, the three repeatedly circled around the same conceit. If solving business problems for clients is the core function of an agency, and marketing, communication and channel management are ways in which these issues are resolved, why not combine them? Or more simply, why can’t an agency be great at digital and creative?

At DDB, the three rising stars worked together with clients such as Coles, ANZ and Origin Energy before continuing what proved to be a rapid trajectory.

Frantzeskos joined Ogilvy as Asia Pacific Digital Strategy Director in Singapore working with Coca Cola, Unilever and Diageo. Farrelly was a supremely talented London-based web designer working with British Telecom and Rigbye the Head of Digital at Redhanded Communications.

In spite of the personal success, they felt a nagging sense of frustration and begun ruminating on the prospect of independently uniting their talents.

With a foundation in Ehrenberg marketing science, they built a culture of smart people capable of implementing creative execution and digital together.

PENSO’s mission is to solve business problems for client partners using great, memorable creative and world-class digital execution.

PENSO works with a diverse list of client partners such as dnata, Emirates, Noodle Box, Collingwood Football Club, CUB and Stereosonic.

As a global agency, PENSO boasts client partners and supplier partners in a diverse array of markets. A roster of PENSO A-graders work for the group around the world.

There are now PENSO points of presence in Dubai, Singapore, the US, New Zealand and Australia.

As for the name, it came to Frantzeskos on a trip to his Italian mother’s hometown Trieste. He repeatedly saw the café Pasticceria Penso during his stay.

PENSO, of course, means ‘to think’ in Italian. It is a thoroughly appropriate name for a global agency.

PENSO Culture

At PENSO, we out-learn, out-work and out-deliver for our clients.

We are marketers and good people, first and foremost. But we’re also designers, strategists, technologists, copywriters, analytics experts, art directors, project managers, business managers, creative conceptualisers and channel planners.

And at PENSO HQ, we also make great coffee.

Every PENSO A-Grader is welcomed with a reading list that epitomises our culture and approach: “How Brands Grow”, by Prof Byron Sharp, “The Lean Startup”, by Eric Ries, Universal Principles of Design” by William Lidwell, Kritina Holden & Jill Butler, “Universal Methods of Design” by Bruce Hanington and Bella Martin, and “The Elements of Style” by William Strunk Jr. & E. B. White.

Our rituals involve almost permanent coffee making, “White Wine & Whisky Wednesdays” and an almost unlimited supply of Japanese Green Tea Kit-Kats, Burger Rings, Greek Yoghurt and Granny Smith Apples.

We are a learning organisation. We educate each other and our clients, and out of that ensure we are true advisors of creative communications and digital innovation.

We have fun. We support each other. And we’re extremely passionate about out-learning, out-working and out-delivering for our clients.

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