PENSO is a visionary digital strategy consultancy. We create digital strategies and digital experiences to build the businesses of tomorrow.

We solve business problems, using creative communication and highly memorable, branded communications. We make the sale for today and build the brand for tomorrow.

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We work with clients all over the world from our offices in Melbourne and Dubai. Our clients include Emirates, Cargill, Hilton Worldwide, Commonwealth Bank, MYOB and various governments. We help our clients take advantage of digital to future-proof their business margins.

PENSO means: “To think”.

We design visionary digital strategies that transform organisations, deliver innovation and improve margins. We’re not a flighty creative agency or unimaginative management consultancy, we use trends, research, business analysis and technology to form visionary directions, all underpinned by evidence-based decision making and marketing science.

We turn red tape businesses into red carpet businesses with magical digital moments of truth. We’re not a commoditised development shop or a print design studio pretending to understand digital. We strive for gesamtkunstwerk – a total work of art that incorporates many forms and styles – where every touchpoint combines to drive the user down a personalised and contextualised path to purchase.

We’ve built a social network for an airline cabin crew that improved service. We’ve developed a student recruitment portal for a large education institution that drove enrolment. We were responsible for the successful digital transformation of a major retailer that grew profitability. We’ve launched a major insurance brand into the market to validate ahead of the product launch. We’ve created and grown a thriving fintech startup from nothing. We’ve redesigned the marketing and digital operations of a major FMCG company to maximise their effectiveness. We’ve created a cloud-based platform that allows the biggest brands in the world to govern and control their brand assets. We’ve delivered digital transformation for a major legal entity. We’ve designed a content strategy that maximised a leading industry body’s advocacy. We’ve built an automated online learning system to educate the stakeholders of a Government Authority. We’ve built the world’s best online sports museum. We’ve designed digital platforms, content and digital touchpoints for fourteen shopping malls.

We are PENSO.

PENSO Culture

At PENSO, we out-learn, out-work and out-deliver for our client partners, with magic, in the most professional way.

We are digital strategists & marketers and good people, first and foremost. But we’re also researchers, digital strategists, UX strategists, marketers, product strategists, content strategists, technologists, data specialists, designers and business analysts.

And at PENSO HQ, we also make great coffee.

Every PENSO A-Grader is welcomed with a reading list that epitomises our culture and approach: “How Brands Grow”, by Prof Byron Sharp (our bible), “The Lean Startup”, by Eric Ries, Universal Principles of Design” by William Lidwell, Kritina Holden & Jill Butler, “Universal Methods of Design” by Bruce Hanington and Bella Martin, “The Elements of Style” by William Strunk Jr. & E. B. White, and “Competitive Strategy: Techniques for Analyzing Industries and Competitors” by Michael E Porter.

Our rituals involve almost permanent coffee making, “White Wine & Whisky Wednesdays” and an almost unlimited supply of Japanese Green Tea Kit-Kats, Burger Rings, Greek Yoghurt and Granny Smith Apples.

We are a learning organisation. We educate each other and our clients, and out of that ensure we are trusted advisors of digital strategy.

We have fun. We support each other. And we’re extremely passionate about out-learning, out-working and out-delivering for our clients.

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