PENSO creates visionary digital strategies and magical digital experiences to build the businesses of tomorrow.

Visionary Digital Strategy

Visionary Digital Strategy

PENSO works with business leaders to gain more effective outcomes in the digital era. PENSO designs visionary digital strategies to transform organisations, deliver innovation and improve margins.

  • Digital Strategy
  • Business Model Innovation & Service Design
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • User-Centred Digital Transformation
  • Digital Effectiveness and Analytics
  • Digital Capabilities Development
Magical User Experiences

Magical User Experiences

PENSO turns red tape businesses into red carpet businesses with magical digital moments of truth for your customers; from websites, apps, portals and platforms to product and service design.

  • User Experience
  • Digital Design
  • Content Strategy
  • Contact and Customer Journey Planning
  • Marketing Automation
  • Customer Data Planning
  • eCommerce
Marketing Technology

Marketing Technology

PENSO delivers elegant solutions to complex business problems by harnessing technology's innovative potential. We are on the side of creative destruction - using technology to take advantage of the rapid shifts in product, distribution and promotion of ideas, goods and services globally. A vital part of that is marketing technology (a range of marketing technology platforms linked with Data and Artificial Intelligence), allowing us to scale, personalise and improve business outcomes. PENSO provides marketing managed services and “recipes” to deliver a full-stack path-to-purchase.

  • PENSO Integrated Marketing Platform
  • Analytics and Optimisation
  • Lead Generation and Sales Automation
  • Data and AI-Drive Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Marketing Technology Managed Services

How we do it?

The PENSO S.A.L.E. Method underpins our digital strategy services:

SMART: We help our clients make the right decisions, because we are obsessed with solving business problems commercially, practically, strategically and creatively. Our marketing is based on scientific (Ehrenbergian) principles to ensure rigour and success.
AGILE: We create beautifully simple and adaptive solutions. Our primary measure of progress is in delivering solutions constantly, rather than the slow, expensive and irregular delivery that is typical of legacy marketing approaches.
LEAN: We are effective and efficient. We use only experienced consultants who think faster and smarter.
EFFECTIVE: We test & measure while creative and projects are in market, in order to optimise and adapt, rather than waiting until projects have finished. We measure our work against sales results and business objectives, not silly creative awards or vanity metrics.
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